G emäß a study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Production and Automation Technology in Stuttgart spends every employee up to 70 working days for the organization and tidying his place and searching of work equipment. Anyone who does not only tend towards the Messi on the sports field will not be able to dominate the chaos by a single hit-and-kick action. That’s why we’ve put together five tips on how to keep your workplace in good working order and increase your productivity.

1 – Fixed seats

No matter if in the office or workshop, who puts away his work utensils indiscriminately, will quickly lose the perspective. With the determination of fixed storage places you can create order and know immediately, where you find all necessary materials again. So-called shadow panels are particularly suitable for this in the workshop area, which makes it easy to see which working equipment is missing or where it belongs. In addition, the items can be sorted by job tasks, making individual steps faster executable.

2 – Out of sight

Some tools you need more often, some rare. Depending on the frequency you can arrange these in your place or in your office. Keep the most used items, such as pens or highlighters, as close to or within reach as possible. Rarely use materials such as folders or catalogs you can confidently banish from your desk. Just ask your employees how often you need which tools and which work more to disturb than to promote.

3 – Sorting out

How many pens do you have on your desk? How many do you use regularly? Over time, it inevitably accumulates a lot of things that you do not need for your day-to-day work. If you clean up your desk, you throw away the superfluous. This is the only way to keep the amount of items in your workplace within limits. In general, a pen, one-two fineliners and a few highlighters are enough as writing utensils at the desk.

4 – Do not forget the desktop

Your workplace also includes the PC. Avoid data collections on your computer, especially the well-liked “Other” folder. It starts with a few files that have been dropped in the meantime and steadily increasing until no one else sees through. Uniquely the files and create clear rules as to which files need to be stored. Another advantage: You can thus avoid data loss or duplicate work situations.

5 – Clean up

In spite of all the rules, you do not come up with cleaning up . With a clean workplace, you can start the new day in a more motivated and productive way, and Monday, with a tidy space, is only half as bad. Clear responsibilities of employees thus help to maintain discipline and enforce the measures.

You will see, even small changes cause true miracles. Additional side effects make the individual measures even more rewarding for you or your company.
Do you have any further ideas or suggestions on how to counteract the chaos? Tell us in the comments.


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